LEARN KORU MINDFULNESS MEDITATION                                        IN THIS POPULAR 4-WEEK WORKSHOP                                                                                                                                                                                                               Participate for 75 minutes weekly for 4 weeks 

Using research validated methods you will learn mindful: meditation, walking, eating, body scans and breathing exercises.  You will also learn how to work mindfully with thoughts and emotions.  Many prior class participants have found the skills learned in Koru life transforming.

If you are interested in participating in a Koru class please contact Debra first, either via text or email as indicated below.  This will  ensure that the class is not overbooked.


Deb Duxbury: 517-927-7894 or lemnisceight@gmail.com

                           Register: No later than 2 days prior to class, by sending an email to Deb

Venue: Classes are currently being offered online.

Cost for the entire 4 Week Course: $75.00

Further questions: Please contact Debra.

OPEN YOUR MIND                                   LESS STRESS

LESS SELF JUDGMENT                                BETTER SLEEP

                            BE MORE MINDFUL!                  

                                You may take a photo or print this flyer to distribute it, if you wish.                                     Flyer prepared by Lemnisceight, LLC SM